Gaba Style 無料で英語学習





Cary: I just can’t make up my mind. Should I call it quits or keep trying?
Henry: Maybe you’ve just answered your own question right there.
Cary: How do you mean?
Henry: If you really wanted it to work, it would be an easy decision to make.
Cary: I guess I never thought about it that way. But we’ve been together for six years…
Henry: Then maybe you should try a different approach to fixing things.
Cary: Like what? We’ve tried spending some time apart and that didn’t work…
Henry: Have you tried couples counseling?
Cary: Nah, we’re both way too cynical for that.
Henry: Maybe instead of spending time apart, you should try spending more time together.
Cary: But we see each other every day. We live together for crying out loud.
Henry: True, but you probably just do day-to-day mundane stuff together. When was the last time you actually went somewhere new or tried something different?
Cary: Uh…
Henry: My point exactly. Go on trip or at least a date! You just need to break out of that routine, that’s all.


“make up one’s mind” 決心をする


Brigitte: I’m still torn between the blue dress and the pink one.
Margot: Just make up your mind already!
Brigitte: まだ決められないわ、ブルーにするかピンクにするか。
Margot: 早く決めてよ。
“call it quits” 断念する


Clyde: I just can’t figure out a way to fix this. I’ve tried everything!
Tim: Maybe we should just call it quits. I’ll take it to the repair shop on Saturday.
Clyde: どうしても直し方がわからない。やれることは全部試したんだけど。
Tim: この辺であきらめた方がいいのかもね。土曜日に修理に出してみるよ。
“try a different approach” 違う方法を試す


Vanessa: I just don’t know what to do with him. We’ve tried everything.
George: Maybe we should try a different approach. Instead of bringing it up maybe we should avoid the topic and see if he’ll come to us instead.
Vanessa: あの子のことどうしたらいいかわからないわ。やれることは全部やってきたし。
George: 全く違ったやり方をした方がいいのかもな。僕らから持ち出すのはやめて、この件には触れないでみようか。それで、自分から言いに来るかどうか様子をみよう。
“for crying out loud” まったくもう


Kit: For crying out loud! Is it so hard to just hang your towel on the rack?
Alex: Sorry, honey. I promise to remember next time.
Kit: もう。タオルをちゃんとかけておくのって、そんなに難しいことなの?
Alex: ごめんよ。今度は忘れずにかけとく。約束するよ。
“break out of a routine/habit” 決まりきった日常や習慣から抜け出す


Gladys: I’m just going to stay home as usual. You know how it is.
Sarah: You really need to break out of your routine. Go out and live a little!
Gladys: いつも通り、どこにも出かけないわ。わかるでしょ、そういうものよ。
Sarah: ちょっと違った過ごし方した方がいいわよ。外に出かけて、少しぐらいは人生を楽しみなさいよ。