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From Mook(神戸ラーニングスタジオ所属):自己紹介

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Hi there, readers! My name’s Mook and I’m from… well, that’s a difficult thing to answer…. Let me explain: I was born in Thailand, raised in the States, went to high school in Indonesia, but in between all that, my home base has always been Japan because my dad’s Japanese. So I suppose you can say that I’m from… a little bit of everywhere?

People like me grew up as what’s called a “third culture kid”. Basically, it means someone who grew up in cultures outside their parents’ cultures or their nationality’s culture. As a result, it means I can feel at home in any country because I’ve gotten a chance to experience such wide ranges of Western and Asian cultures. It can be really fun, but honestly a little confusing at times.


Just to give you a few more random tidbits about me: I’m a huge foodie, a decent painter, and a mega animal lover. For the foodie part, I’m pretty adventurous with food. There’s nothing I won’t try at least once. The craziest thing I’ve tried was snake blood in Bali! Let’s just say… it was interesting. In terms of painting, my mom’s a professional artist so I grew up with paint and canvases all around the house. So naturally, I learned just by watching my mom do her work. I think I’ve picked up a few tips and maybe I’m an alright painter. You tell me! As for the little furry friends, pets have always been the center of my family life. We treat our pets like the princes and princesses they truly are. Right now, I have a Holland Lop rabbit named Lulu. I’m sure you’ll be seeing her on the blog in the near future. So keep your eyes peeled for my next post!

Until then, see you later, dear readers :)