Gaba Style 無料で英語学習





Paige: Here is the Student Union café. This is where the cool kids hang out.
Priscilla: Great. Is it open on weekends?
Paige: Yep, it’s open pretty much around the clock. It turns into a night club after 9pm.?
Priscilla: Wow! Right here on campus?
Paige: Well, there’s nothing in town so we just have to make do with what we have.
Priscilla: Oh, I was going to go around town later.
Paige: Oh, it’s alright in the daytime. It’s um, how should I put it… quaint.
Priscilla: That sounds nice.
Paige: Yeah, if you’ve got a big paper to write, it’s definitely worth going to a coffee shop in town and just writing it there.
Priscilla: Isn’t the library a better choice?
Paige: You’d think so but actually a lot of people hang out there too so it’s hard to focus on your work.
Priscilla: I’m guessing you’re quite the social butterfly!
Paige: Trust me, here on campus, everyone is.


“around the clock” 24時間営業


例)友人の Arthurと一緒にいたTrishがクレジットカードを失くしたことに気づきました。
Trish: Oh no! I can’t believe I’ve lost it. What should I do?
Arthur: Just call the credit card company. Their phone lines should be open around the clock.
Trish: 大変。カードなくすなんて、信じられない。どうしよう?
Arthur: カード会社に電話しなよ。24時間対応のはずだから。
“make do with ~” ~で済ませる


Gemma: Oh no! I forgot to bring the gas burner!
Kirk: Oh well, I’m sure there’s some firewood lying around. We’ll just have to make do with what we can find.
Gemma: どうしよう、コンロ忘れた。
Kirk: 仕方ない。たきぎになる木がそこらへんに転がってると思うから、それで何とかするしかないな。
“how should I put it ~” 何て言ったらいいだろう


Marie: OK, just give me your honest opinion.
Tori: It’s, umm, how should I put it, a bit cheap looking.
Marie: どうかしら?正直に言って。
Tori: それって、何て言うか、ちょっと安っぽく見えるかも。
“social butterfly” 人付き合いのよい人


Bonnie: I’m sorry I haven’t been around much. I’ve been going to a different party every weekend.
Alice: Sounds like you’ve been a real social butterfly. Next time you should take me with you!
Bonnie: なんか、最近会えなくてごめんね。毎週、週末にパーティがあって。
Alice: すごく社交的な感じ。今度は私も連れてってよ。