Gaba Style 無料で英語学習





Mara: Today was fun. We should do this more often.
Elliot: Yeah definitely. Hey, why don’t we go catch a movie tonight?
Mara: I’d love to but I should get a move on. I need to be up early tomorrow.
Elliot: Come on, if we catch a 7 o’clock screening we’ll be out of there by 9:30 at the latest.
Mara: I know but I’ve still got to prepare my lunch for tomorrow and I really should do some laundry too.
Elliot: You make all your lunches for work? Really?
Mara: Yeah, don’t you?
Elliot: No, I can’t be bothered. I just go to a local cafe or get something off the sandwich guy who comes to my office.
Mara: You should try. It’s really worth the effort. I’ve saved loads of money that way.
Elliot: That’s a good point. I must spend in the region of $50 a week just on lunch and coffee.
Mara: I spend less than $15 dollars for a week’s worth of lunches and I bring a thermos with my own coffee.
Elliot: That’s amazing. I guess I could give it a go.


“catch a movie / show / concert” ~(映画など)を見る


Liam: I heard baseball season tickets have just gone on sale.
Stuart: Really? We should try and catch a game.
Liam: 野球のシーズンチケットが発売になったらしいよ。
Stuart: ほんとに?じゃあ、買って試合を見に行こうよ。
“get a move on” 急いで行く


Michaela: We better get a move on or we’ll miss our flight!
Aidan: My suitcase is ready, I just need to find my passport.
Michaela: 急いだ方がいいわ。飛行機に乗り遅れるわ。
Aidan: スーツケースは準備できた。あとはパスポートだけ。
“can’t be bothered” わざわざ~したくない


例)Keiraは 友人のPiperに、とある美容室を薦めています。
Keira: It’s a bit far but trust me, the hairdressers are really good there.
Piper: I can’t be bothered to take a train all the way across town just for a haircut.
Keira: ちょっと遠いんだけど、美容師がすごく上手なの。
Piper: カットのためだけに、わざわざ電車に乗って町の反対側まで行きたくないわ。
“give it a go” 試してみる


Jasper: Rugby without tackling sounds a bit weird to me.
Eli: You should give it a go. It’s actually a really challenging sport.
Jasper: タックルのないラグビーだって?ちょっと変な感じ。
Eli: やってみなって。実際、けっこう難しいんだよ。