Gaba Style 無料で英語学習





Craig: Thanks for helping me out. I owe you one.
Rob: No problem, I’m happy to help.
Craig: I’ve got some flat-packed furniture but I’m completely clueless on how to assemble it.
Rob: Don’t look at me! I’m completely out of my depth on this one too.
Craig: Well, the manual has pictures in it so between the two of us we might be able to figure it out.
Rob: OK, but if we can’t work out how to put these together, we should call Jenna.
Craig: Really? Why Jenna?
Rob: Oh, she’s really handy with this DIY stuff, didn’t you know?
Craig: Who would have thought! I had her pegged as more cute and dainty.
Rob: You’d be surprised! She’s the one who built the tree house in our backyard.
Craig: I always just assumed you were the one who put it up.
Rob: No way! I just made tea and snacks for her and watched.


“out of one’s depth” ~の能力を超えている


Ted: I’m completely out of my depth here with the statistical analysis.
Sandy: Don’t worry, most people find this tricky. I’ll handle the numbers if you write up the results.
Ted: 統計分析って、完全に僕の理解を超えちゃってるね。
Sandy: 心配しないで。たいていの人が難しいって思うものよ。結果を書いてくれたら、計算は私がやるわ。
“work out how to ~” ~のやり方がわかる


Paul: I’ve managed to get the OS working again but it’s not connecting to the network.
Mike: I’m not sure what the problem is exactly but I’m sure I can work out how to get your WiFi up and running again.
Paul: どうにかOSが立ち上がるようにしたけど、ネットワークにつながってないんだよね。
Mike: 原因はよくわからないけど、WiFiにまたつながるようにする方法はわかるよ。
“be handy with ~” ~がうまい


Mary: I’ve got a spare in the trunk but I’ve never changed a tire before… What are we going to do?
Rhoda: Don’t worry, I’m pretty handy with a jack and a wrench. We’ll be back on the road in no time.
Mary: スペアタイヤがトランクにあるけど、交換したことないの…。どしよう?
Rhoda: 心配しないで。ジャッキアップは得意だから。すぐにまた出発できるわ。
“have someone pegged as ~” (人を)~であると分類する


Isaac: Why don’t we get her a nice pair of earrings or something?
Samantha: I’m not so sure. I don’t have her pegged as the jewelry type.
Isaac: かわいいイヤリングとかはどう?
Samantha: どうかしら。彼女、アクセサリーとかする感じじゃないと思うけど。