Gaba Style 無料で英語学習





Bill: Ted, hey, good to see you! Glad you guys could make it.
Ted: Sure, thanks for the invite!
Bill: No problem. Man, I love the summer. Nothing beats a backyard barbecue, am I right?
Ted: Yeah, and some cold beers. Here, you want one?
[Ted passes Bill a drink] Ted: So, what’ve you got on the grill?
Bill: Let’s see… chicken, baby back ribs, and some brats. You a fan of bratwurst?
Ted: I’m more of a steak person, myself, but I can never say no to some baby back ribs. What kind of sauce do you have on there?
Bill: Hickory barbecue sauce, nice and thick. It’s a secret family recipe passed down from generation to generation. Not to brag or anything, but it’s so good you’ll want to lick your plate clean.
Ted: Hey, I come from a long line of barbecuers. I’m not buying it.
Bill: Here, try it for yourself then.
Ted: …Wow, that is good! You’ve got to tell me your recipe.
Bill: Hey, I told you it was a secret!


“nothing beats ~” ~は最高


Chantel: Thanks for coming over, Katie. I really appreciate the company.
Katie: Hey, nothing beats ice cream and a funny movie with your girl friend after a break-up.
Chantel: 来てくれてありがとう。それに一緒にいてくれて。
Katie: あのね、男と別れた後には女友達と一緒にアイスを食べて、面白い映画を見るのが一番よ。
“I’m more of a ~ person, myself” どちらかと言えば~が好き


Coco: Oh my gosh, look at this cute little Maltese! Honey, we should get a dog.
Arthur: I don’t know… I’m more of a cat person, myself.
Coco: まあ、かわいい。見てよ、このマルチーズ。ねえ、犬飼おうよ。
Arthur: うーん、どっちかって言うとネコ派なんだよねぇ、俺。
“lick your plate clean” きれいに食べつくす


Brad: Thanks, that was delicious. I really liked it.
Jennie: I can tell—you licked your plate clean!
Brad: ありがとう、おしかった。すごく気に入ったよ。
Jennie: そうみたいね。お皿舐めたみたいにきれいに食べてるもん!
“come from a long line of ~” ~の家系である


Summer: Wow, your living room looks stunning! I can’t believe you did all this for under $100.
Miranda: Well, I come from a long line of women who knew how to be crafty on a budget.
Summer: うわ、すごく素敵なリビング!これで100ドルかかってないなんて信じられないわ。
Miranda: うん、うちの家系の女性は、限られた予算でやりくりするのが得意なの。