Gaba Style 無料で英語学習





Rachel: I can’t believe we’ve just graduated! No more exams, no more essays…
Ted: I don’t know why you’re so excited. Finding a job in this economy is going to be tough.
Rachel: Oh, I‘ve already got a job lined up with an accounting firm.
Ted: No way! How did you pull that one off?
Rachel: I made some contacts there during my internship last summer and made a point of staying in touch with them.
Ted: I guess I should have done the same but I didn’t want to miss my last chance to go travelling before getting a job.
Rachel: I’m sure you’ll be able to find something. It’s not like you just spent all summer at the beach, you were busy volunteering.
Ted: True. I suppose that will look good on my résumé…
Rachel: Definitely! Anyway, now’s not the time to worry about it.
Ted: You’re right, we should be celebrating.
Rachel: Absolutely! With this economy, I have a feeling it will be a long time before we can enjoy champagne again.
Ted: Looks like my cynicism has finally rubbed off on you!


“have/ have got ~ lined up” (将来に備えて)~を準備する


Marcy: This restaurant is amazing! I can’t believe you managed to get a table here.
Bart: It’s only the beginning. I’ve got plenty of activities lined up for us this evening, just wait and see.
Marcy: すごいわ、このレストラン! こんなお店を予約してくれたなんて信じられないわ。
Bart: こんなもんじゃないよ。今夜のために、いろいろ楽しいことを用意しておいたから。まあ、見ててよ。
“pull off~/ ~off” ~(困難なことを)成し遂げる


Barbara: I managed to get an extension on my deadline!
Penny: No way! How did you pull that one off? Professor Smith is usually really strict.
Barbara: どうにか延ばしてもらったわ、締め切り。
Penny: ありえない。どうやったの? Smith教授って、いつもすごく厳しいのに。
“make a point of ~” 必ず~する


Barry: I’ve never seen you sick like this before. You’re usually so healthy.
Andy: I make a point of getting a flu shot every year but I left it too late this time.
Barry: 君がこんなに調子悪いの見たことないよ。普段はあんなに健康なのに。
Andy: 毎年必ず予防接種を受けることにしてるんだけど、今回はちょっと遅すぎたな。
“rub off on ~” ~に影響を及ぼする


Emma: Don’t worry so much, sometimes boys misbehave. I’m sure he’ll learn.
Tamara: Either way, I’m hoping your son’s good manners start rubbing off on him.
Emma: そんなに心配しなくていいんじゃない。お行儀悪いこともあるわよ。男の子だもん。そのうちきっと分別がつくようになるわ。
Tamara: いずれにしても、あなたの子のお行儀のよさにうちの子が影響受けてくれたらいいんだけど。