Gaba Style 無料で英語学習





Amanda: I love going to the pumpkin patch!
Andy: Yeah, it’s not really Halloween until you carve a jack-o-lantern, right?
Amanda: I’m going to get the biggest pumpkin. Oh, check this one out!
Andy: Haha, you’re like a kid in a candy store. There’s no way you can carry that thing home. It’s bigger than you are!
Amanda: Come on, if we’re going to get a pumpkin, we may as well pull out all the stops and get the best one ever.
Andy: But how are we going to get that thing home?
Amanda: We’ll roll it and then put it in the back of your truck. We can make a ramp out of some plywood I saw by the pumpkin patch entrance.
Andy: You really want this giant pumpkin, don’t you? All right then, it looks like we’re going whole hog this year.
Amanda: Yay! And just think of all the roasted pumpkin seeds we can make after we carve out the pumpkin.
Andy: Sounds good so long as you’re on clean up duty.


“It’s not really~ until…” …してはじめて本当の意味で~


Peter: Good news! The realtor said we can have the keys to the house today.
Sandra: I can’t wait! I feel like it’s not really ours until we have the keys in our hands, you know?
Peter: いい知らせだ。今日、不動産屋が鍵くれるって。
Sandra: 待ちきれないわ。だって、鍵を手にしてはじめて本当の意味で私たちの家になったって感じがするじゃない。
“(be like) a kid in a candy store” 嬉々として


Jillian: Did you have a good time at the car show with the boys?
Tim: Oh, I was like a kid in a candy store.
Jillian: お友だちと一緒にクラシックカーのショーは楽しめたかしら?
Tim: もう、うれしくて大はしゃぎだったよ。
“pull out all the stops” 全力を尽くす


Marilyn: How’s planning going for Alanna’s Sweet Sixteen?
June: Oh, we’re pulling out all the stops. The party is going to be on a luxury yacht with fireworks and a special performance by Alanna’s favorite boy band.
Marilyn: Alannaの16歳の誕生日の計画はどんな具合?
June: 全力でやってるわよ。豪華なヨットの船上でやるの。花火も打ち上げて、Alannaが好きなバンドの演奏もやるわ。
“go (the) whole hog” 徹底的にやる


Martha: For the kitchen, I’m thinking about a new paint job and redoing the floor tiles.
Stewart: Oh, let’s go whole hog and completely remodel it. We can put in a kitchen island, industrial stove, marble countertops… It’ll be fabulous!
Martha: キッチンは色を塗りなおして、床のタイルも貼り直そうと思ってるの。
Stewart: 徹底的にやって、完全に作り変えましょう。カウンターキッチンにして、ガスレンジも業務用にして、天板は大理石。すごいことになりますよ。
“on clean up duty” 掃除を担当している


Deborah: How’s the new puppy?
Hannah: Oh, he’s just adorable, but I’m constantly on clean up duty until I can get him fully house-trained.
Deborah: ワンちゃんはどう?
Hannah: とにかくかわいいわよ。でも、あの子がトイレを覚えてくれるまでは、絶えず家の掃除屋さんよ。