Gaba Style 無料で英語学習





Melissa: Ooh, I’m so mad! You won’t believe the day I had today.
Amanda: What happened?
Melissa: I’ll tell you what happened. My coworker threw me under the bus! She told our boss the reason we lost a really important client is because of a mistake I made.
Amanda: That can’t be true. You’re always so careful.
Melissa: Regardless, it’s true we lost the client and I was the project leader. So it’s still possible that I might get the axe.
Amanda: No way! You’ve been giving a hundred and ten percent at work. I’m sure your boss has noticed.
Melissa: Yeah, but like I said, it was an important client so there are going to be some consequences.
Amanda: From everything you’ve told me, you’re way too valuable to your company for them to let you go. There will probably be some backlash, but I don’t think it means you’re going to get fired.
Melissa: We’ll see. I’m keeping my fingers crossed.
Amanda: That’s the spirit. Try and stay positive!


“throw ~ under the bus” ~を犠牲にして自分を守る


Sam: Did you watch last night’s episode of Cooking Master? I can’t believe the best cook got kicked off the show.
Peter: Yeah, his teammates really threw him under the bus.
Sam: 昨日のCooking Master見た?一番料理のうまい人が脱落するなんて、信じられないよ。
Peter: まさにチームメートにハメられた感じだな。
“get the axe” クビになる


Judy: Whatever happened to that cute guy from Finance? I never see him around the lunch room anymore.
Jeannie: Didn’t you hear? He got the axe for selling company secrets.
Judy: 財務部のカッコいい人、どうしちゃったのかしら。休憩室で見かけなくなったわね。
Jeannie: 聞いてないの?会社の機密を売り渡してクビになったのよ。
“give a hundred and ten percent” 全力を尽くす


Nichole: Thanks for the training session today. I feel great!
Matthew: Thanks for your hard work today. You really gave it a hundred and ten percent!
Nichole: ありがとうございました。気分爽快だな!
Matthew: お疲れさまです。今日は頑張りましたね。まさに全力を出し切ってました。
“keep (one’s) fingers crossed” 幸運を祈る


Courtney: I really hope we can make it to the World Cup next year!
Alicia: Me, too! I’m keeping my fingers crossed.
Courtney: 来年のワールドカップ、本当に出たいわ。
Alicia: 私も!うまくいきますように。