Gaba Style 無料で英語学習





Chad: That fireworks show was really awesome. I hope the city does it again next year!
Nora: Yeah, me too! The grand finale was so exciting… Oh my gosh, what happened to your house? It’s a complete mess!
Chad: I don’t know. I swear it wasn’t like this when I left.
Nora: Well, it looks like it was hit by a tornado!
Chad: Wait a minute, where’s Sparky?
Nora: Your dog? I don’t see him anywhere. You don’t think he did this, do you?
Chad: Maybe. When I was a kid, my mom’s cat would go bonkers on the Fourth of July as soon as the fireworks started and run around the house like he was scared for his life. I don’t think animals like the sound very much.
Nora: Oh no, he’s probably terrified!
Chad: Sparky! Here boy, where are you?
Nora: I found him! He’s hiding behind the couch. Aww, poor thing, he’s quaking in his boots.
Chad: Here, let me see him. Hey, Sparky! It’s okay. Are you scared?
Nora: Is he going to be OK?
Chad: Yeah, he’s OK—no worse for wear. My apartment on the other hand…


“(looks like it was) hit by a tornado” まるで竜巻が直撃したようだ


Jake: Mom, can I go play outside?
Kathy: Not until you pick up all your toys. The living room looks like it was hit by a tornado!
Jake: 外で遊んでもいい?
Kathy: おもちゃを全部片付けるまでだめよ。リビングがすごく散らかってて、竜巻が通った後みたいじゃない。
“go bonkers” 気が狂う


Samantha: Have a good weekend! Call me later?
Kelly: I wish I could, but my dad went bonkers when he saw the last phone bill and took my cell phone away!
Samantha: よい週末を。後で電話くれる?
Kelly: したいんだけど…。前回の請求書を見てお父さんが怒り狂って、携帯取り上げられちゃったの。
“quake in (one’s) boots” びくびくする


例)ホラー映画を見たCory とSandyが映画館から出てきました。
Cory: That was awesome! I haven’t felt that scared at the movies since I was a little kid!
Sandy: Oh. I know! I was quaking in my boots.
Cory: すごかったね。こんなに怖い思いしたの子どもの時以来だよ。
Sandy: わかるわ。私なんかびくびくしてたもの。
“worse for wear” やつれている


Brandon: I’m getting too old to stay out all night partying. Next time, I’m leaving by 1am.
Michael: That’s not a bad idea. No offense, but you’re looking worse for wear.
Brandon: 朝まで飲んで馬鹿騒ぎするほどもう若くないな。次回は1時までには帰ろう。
Michael: そうした方がいいかも。悪く取らないでほしいけど、すごくくたびれてるように見えるよ。