Gaba Style 無料で英語学習





Amanda: Valentine’s Day is coming up. Are you excited?
Bridget: Hardly, being single on Valentine’s Day is never fun.
Amanda: I know what you mean but there are lots of events that cater to singles.
Bridget: Really? I’ve never come across any myself.
Amanda: Are you for real? Tell you what, let’s go speed dating this year!
Bridget: Speed dating? What’s that?
Amanda: You’ve got to be kidding me. You don’t know what speed dating is? Where have you been?
Bridget: I don’t go out much.
Amanda: It’s so much fun! You sit at a table and have a one minute date with someone and then they move to the next table and you get someone new.
Bridget: How do you even remember who you met?
Amanda: You fill out a score card and hand it in at the end. If you and one of your dates both ticked the “like” box, the event company will send you both each other’s contact details.
Bridget: Alright, I’m game. I guess it beats staying in with a bottle of Pinot.


“cater to (someone)” ~向けに提供する


例)MikeとFrank は結婚式に着ていくスーツを買うことについて話しています。
Frank: I’m having a really hard time finding a ready made suit that fits me.
Mike: Don’t worry, I know a good shop that caters to tall people.
Frank: サイズが合う既製品のスーツを見つけるのにすごく苦労してるんだけど。
Mike: 心配しなくていいよ。背が高い人向けのいい店を知ってるから。
“are you for real?” 本気で言ってるの?


Trisha: I saw the exact same pair at another store for $150.
Alexis: Are you for real? Which store?
Trisha: 別の店でまったく同じ靴を150ドルで売っているの見たわ。
Alexis: うそでしょ?どこの店?
“(be) game” 是非やってみたい


Melissa: I really want to go snorkeling next weekend. What do you think?
Caroline: Sounds like fun. I’m game.
Melissa: 今度の週末、絶対にシュノーケリングに行きたいわ。どうかしら?
Caroline: 面白そうね。私も行きたいわ。
“it beats (something)” ~よりはましだ


Ron: I can’t believe I lost my phone. Now I have to use a really old one until I can get a replacement.
Wesley: Hey, it beats not having a phone at all.
Ron: 携帯を失くすなんて信じられないよ。新しいのがくるまで、すごく古いのを使わないといけないんだ。
Wesley: まあ、ないよりましじゃない。