Gaba Style 無料で英語学習





Michael: Hey, did you have a good break? What did you get up to?
Gabriel: I mostly just made some headway with my assignments. How about you?
Michael: I wasn’t productive at all. I just went out all night drinking with friends almost every day.
Gabriel: What are vacations for? I would have done the same but I wanted to make sure I didn’t get behind on any of my work.
Michael: Did you miss some deadlines last term?
Gabriel: Thankfully no but it was a close call on the last one.
Michael: Tell me about it. I tend to leave them to the last minute too.
Gabriel: Although I didn’t have a relaxing break, hopefully I won’t have to stress so much now.
Michael: I should probably take a leaf out of your book and get started on my papers already.
Gabriel: You should. Have you seen our list of assignments for this term?
Michael: Not yet, is it bad?
Gabriel: You have no idea.


“get up to” ~する

“What did you get up to?” のように用いると、最近どんなことをしたのかを聞くカジュアルな表現になります。

Hattie: Did you get up to anything this weekend?
Alice: Not much. I just went to the cinema.
Hattie: 週末何かした?
Alice: 大したことしてないわ。映画行っただけ。
“make headway with” ~がはかどる


Tristan: When is your book going to be finished? You’ve been working on it for so long!
Mark: I made a lot of headway with it last week so hopefully it’ll be ready within a month or so.
Tristan: 君の本はいつごろ書き終わりそうなの?ずいぶん長いこと書いているよね。
Mark: 先週結構はかどったから、1ヵ月かそこらで書き終わるかな。
“close call” 危機一髪で


Bette: Did you see his grades? It’s a miracle he managed to finish the year.
Melvin: Yeah, that was a close call. We should get him into summer school or hire a tutor so he doesn’t fail next year.
Bette: あの子の成績見た?どうにか学年を終えられたのは奇跡だわ。
Melvin: ああ、危ないとこだったね。次の学年で落第しないように、夏期クラスに通わせるか、家庭教師でも雇わないといけないな。
“take a leaf out of (someone’s) book” ~を見習う


例)Stewartは友人のCybil (F)に自分の頭痛のことでぼやいています。
Stewart: I bet I’m getting these headaches because I drink so much coffee. I should drink less.
Cybil: Take a leaf out of Martha’s book. She gave up coffee altogether and she’s always healthy.
Stewart: きっとコーヒーの飲みすぎだよ、この頭痛。少し控えなきゃ。
Cybil: Marthaを見習いなさいよ。コーヒー飲むのきっぱりやめてから、常に体調がいいみたいよ。