Gaba Style 無料で英語学習





Job: This line is unbelievable. We’re never getting into the club.
Mark: Yeah, it’s pretty crowded tonight.
Job: I wonder what the big deal is. I mean, this place is popular, but I’ve never seen it this busy before.
Mark: Well, the word on the street is that a really famous DJ is supposed to be playing here tonight. Do you know DJ Getaway?
Job: Know him? Of course, he’s huge! And he’s playing here tonight? There’s no way we’re getting in.
Mark: Not to worry. I’ve got the hookup. I got us on the VIP list and everything.
Job: Really? That’s awesome, thanks! How did you manage that?
Mark: Actually, Getaway and I go way back. So I gave him a call and asked him to put us on the list.
Job: How do you two know each other?
Mark: Haha, you’re never going to believe this, but when we were kids we sang in the same church choir together.
Job: Wow, I never would’ve taken you for a choir boy.
Mark: Hey, there are just some things about me that I like to keep on the down low.


“word on the street” 巷の声によれば


Lily: Robin, why are you buying so many Choochoo Choco Cakes?
Robin: Word on the street is that Choochoo is going out of business, so I’m stocking up before they’re all gone!
Lily: Robin、なんでそんなにたくさんChoochooのチョコケーキ買うの?
Robin: なんかChoochooが倒産するってみんな言ってるから、買いだめしてるの。
“have the hookup” コネがある


Chastity: My computer crashed and I can’t afford to get it repaired. What am I going to do?
Cory: Don’t worry, I have the hook up. My friend is an IT technician. I’ll give him a call for you.
Chastity: コンピューターがクラッシュして、修理するお金ないわ。どうしよう。
Cory: 心配するなって。つてがあるから。友だちがITエンジニアなんだ。電話してやるよ。
“go way back” 昔からの知り合いである


Kristy: I was so surprised to hear that you and Anthony know each other!
Lane: Oh yeah, we go way back. He and I’ve been friends since elementary school.
Kristy: あなたがAnthonyと知り合いなんて、すごく驚いたわ。
Lane: うん。付き合い長いよ。小学校から友だちだもん。
“keep ~ on the down low” 秘密にしておく


Adriana: Wow, look at all these superhero figurines! I had no idea you were such a comic book nerd.
Marcel: Hey, keep it on the down low. I don’t like people finding out about my secret hobby.
Adriana: すごい、ヒーローもののフィギアがいっぱい!あなたがこんな、漫画オタクだなんて知らなかったわ。
Marcel: ねえ、人に言うなよ。この趣味知られるの嫌なんだ。