Gaba Style 無料で英語学習





Michael: You will never believe what happened.
Lindsay: Oh, hi, Michael. What’s up?
Michael: You know what’s up? George wants to borrow money again.
Lindsay: Again? Isn’t it, like, the third or fourth time now that he’s come to you asking for money?
Michael: Exactly. He says he needs money to get his new business plan off the ground.
Lindsay: What is he planning to do this time?
Michael: He’s got some cockamamie idea to start a bee farm.
Lindsay: A bee farm, are you serious?
Michael: Yeah! He came to me singing the same old tune about how he’s stumbled upon the next big thing—as if he hasn’t asked me for money enough times.
Lindsay: Well, you know he’s got debt coming out of his ears. Who else is he going to turn to but his big brother?
Michael: I’m not helping him this time. If he needs money, he can get it the same old way everybody else does, by finding a job.


“get~ off the ground” ~をうまく軌道に乗せる


Tobias: Were you able to book the entertainment for the event?
Mae: Yup. We’re all ready to get this fundraiser off the ground.
Tobias: イベントでやるショーの手配はできた?
Mae: うん。この募金活動をうまく軌道に乗せる準備は整ったよ。
“cockamamie idea” 途方もない考え


Tony: The speaker said we should sell all our possessions and live in the woods to become closer to nature.
Sally: That sounds like the most cockamamie idea I’ve ever heard.
Tony: 自然に近づけるよう、持ってるものを全部売り払って、森に住んだほうがいいって、講師が言ってた。
Sally: 今まで聞いたうちで、一番ばかげた考えかも。
“sing the same old tune” 同じことを繰り返し言う


Rori: He came to me singing the same old tune about how he’s changed and how he would be a better boyfriend this time.
Lane: I don’t believe a word of it. You’ve given him way too many chances already.
Rori: 私のところに来て、どれだけ自分が変わって、今回こそはいい彼氏になるってまた言ってきたの。
Lane: ちっとも信じられない。もう十分すぎるほどチャンスはあげたんじゃない。
“coming out of (one’s) ears” 余りにも多くの~


Lupe: How’s your garden coming along this year?
Luz: It’s great, but I’ve got tomatoes coming out of my ears! Do you want to take home a bunch?
Lupe: 今年のガーデニングはどう?
Luz: すごくいいわ。でもトマトが大量にあるの。持って帰らない?