Gaba Style 無料で英語学習





Bruce: Is this your first time going to Ecuador?
Selina: Actually, yeah. You?
Bruce: No, I’ve been here a few times. Are you going for work?
Selina: You could say that. I’m a jewelry designer.
Bruce: Wow, that’s different. Are you going there to get gold?
Selina: No, no, nothing like that. I’m creating a line of Inca-inspired designs.
Bruce: So you’re going there to get some ideas?
Selina: Yeah, I just want to immerse myself in the culture and really soak it all in.
Bruce: I’m now curious about what it will turn out like.
[Selina pauses then pulls out her business card from her purse]

Selina: Here’s my card. My website is on there and you can see all of my current designs there.
Bruce: Thanks. [reaches in his wallet] Here’s mine too.
Selina: Oh, you work in the movie industry?
Bruce: Yes, I’m a producer. Actually, I might be able to put a word in with some costume designer and stylists if you’re interested.
Selina: You mean, to have my pieces worn on your movies?
Bruce: Yeah… Once I’ve looked at your designs, anyway. We’re always looking for new and upcoming designers to showcase.
Selina: Wow, seriously? I’ve been looking for a platform for promoting my jewelry for ages.
Bruce: Why don’t we meet for dinner while in Ecuador and you can show me some pictures?
Selina: Sounds perfect! I’m glad I packed my portfolio!


“You could say that.” まあ、そうです


Michelle: How was it? Did it go well?
Rob: You could say that. Actually, they offered me a different job they thought I was a right fit for.
Michelle: どうだった?採用された?
Rob: 一応採用かな。実は、応募したのと違う職種だったんだ。そっちの方が適しているって判断したんだって。
“soak it all in” ~(の全て)に精通する、記憶にとどめる


Roxanne: I can’t believe this is our last day here after 15 years.
Tony: I just want to soak it all in before we leave. I’m going to miss this place.
Roxanne: 今日が15年住んだこの家で過ごす最後の日なんて信じられないわ。
Tony: 出ていく前にこの家の雰囲気とか、よく感じておきたいな。たぶん、後でここが懐かしくなると思うから。
“put a word in with ~” ~に口添えをする


Ian: You know, my dad might need an extra pair of hands in the restaurant.
Mark: Really? Do you think you could put a word in with him?
Ian: ほら、親父がやってるレストランで、もう一人必要になるかもしれないらしいよ。
Mark: ほんとに?俺を雇ってくれるよう親父さんに言ってもらえるかな?
“platform for ~” ~の手段


Katy: Have you thought about using social networking sites as a platform for creating buzz about your artwork?
Vinn: It never crossed my mind but that’s a great idea. I can’t believe I didn’t think about it before!
Katy: あなたの作品が話題になるようにするためにSNSを使うって、考えたことある?
Vinn: 考えもしなかったけど、言い考えだ。なんで思いつかなかったんだろう。