Gaba Style 無料で英語学習





Geena: What’s wrong?
Louise: It’s nothing… Just this girl in my class keeps picking on me.
Geena: Do you know her?
Louise: She’s in my study group… I just don’t know why she’s so rude to me.
Geena: Did you do anything to her?
Louise: No! I usually just try to keep a low profile during our study sessions.
Geena: Not that I’m taking her side or anything but maybe that’s why.
Louise: How do you mean?
Geena: Well, maybe she feels like you’re not pulling your weight.
Louise: But I do! I study really hard.
Geena: Yeah but she probably thinks the reason you don’t speak up is that you don’t care about the group.
Louise: I guess that makes sense.
Geena: Come on, you’re the smartest person I know. The whole point of a study group is that you help each other.
Louise: Hmm… I never thought about it like that. Point taken. I’ll try to contribute more from now on.
Geena: And if she keeps being rude, you should just call her out on it.
Louise: Will do.


“pick on someone” ~につらく当たる


Lawrence: Go pick on someone else. If I see you talking to my brother like that again…
Tucker: Alright, alright… I’m going.
Lawrence: 意地悪するなら、誰か他の子にしろ。今度弟にそんな口のきき方をしてるのを見たら…
Tucker: わかった、わかった。やめるから。
“take someone’s side” ~の肩を持つ


Kerry: Come on, you know I’m right here.
Philip: Oh no, I’m not taking any sides. You two should work it out yourselves.
Kerry: ちょっと、今回のことでは私が正しいのわかるでしょ?
Philip: いや、別にどっちの肩も持たないけど。二人で解決した方がいいんじゃない?
“pull one’s weight” 自分の役割を十分に果たす


Jenny: You’re not really pulling your weight here… do I have to do this by myself?
Tim: You know I’m really clumsy. I just don’t want to break it.
Jenny: あなたも手伝いなさいよ。私一人で組み立てろっていうの?
Tim: 私がすごく不器用なの知ってるでしょ?壊すといけないから、手出ししないのよ。
“call someone out on ~” ~(よくない行為)を指摘する


Lily: I’m no longer going to make plans with her. She’s always late and then doesn’t even apologize!
Claire: Maybe you should just call her out on it. She probably doesn’t even realize how annoying it is.
Lily: もうあの子とは一緒に遊ぶ約束しないわ。いつも遅れてきて、謝りもしないのよ。
Claire: たぶん指摘してあげたらいいんじゃない?ひょっとしたら、どれだけ人に嫌な思いさせてるかさえ、わかってないのかもしれないし。