Gaba Style 無料で英語学習





Paolo: Becca, it’s so good to see you! Your hair looks great.
Becca: Thanks! The shampoo you recommended last time really helped.
Paolo: So what do we have in mind today? Did you want to get your roots touched up?
Becca: Actually, I’m thinking I want to quit bleaching my hair. I really like the color, but the last time we bleached it my scalp was really uncomfortable. I guess I’m just a lightweight when it comes to pain.
Paolo: I see. Bleach can be tough for people with sensitive scalps.
Becca: Not to mention that my hair grows like a weed, and I hate it when my roots are showing. I can’t stand bleach, though, so I’m thinking I want to dye my hair a darker color.
Paolo: Okay, anything else?
Becca: Well, eventually, I’d like to start perming my hair again to add some curls, but I heard that you can’t get a perm on top of bleached hair.
Paolo: That’s true. Bleach is very damaging. Getting a perm on top of it could fry your hair and cause it to fall out. So let’s play it safe and wait until the bleach grows out before you perm it again.


“touched up” 修正を加えて改良する


Rachel: Is your car okay? I heard your roommate accidentally scratched it when he borrowed it last weekend.
Kevin: The damage isn’t too bad. I just need to take my car to the auto shop to get the paint touched up.
Rachel: 車大丈夫?聞いたわ、ルームメイトが先週末、あなたから借りた車をキズつけてしまったんですって?
Kevin: そんなにひどいキズじゃなかったよ。修理工場に持っていって、塗装を直してもらうだけで済んだくらいだからさ。
“(be) a lightweight when it comes to ~” ~が苦手


Anthony: How was the local food?
Julia: Oh, it was really yummy, but I’m a lightweight when it comes to spicy food so I had to ask for everything to be cooked “mild”.
Anthony: インド料理はどうたった?
Julia: すごくおいしかったわよ。でもね、私、辛いもの が苦手なの。だから、全部あまり辛くならないように調理をお願いしなきゃならなかったの。
“grow like a weed” 伸びる(成長する)のが早い


Samantha: Wow, is that your son? He’s gotten so big!
Brandi: Yeah, I know. He’s growing like a weed. I need to buy him new school clothes every few months.
Samantha: まあ、これあなたの息子?大きくなったわね!
Brandi: そうなの。大きくなるのすごく早いのよ。2、3か月ごとに新しい制服買わなきゃならないのよ。
“play it safe” 大事を取る


Matt: Do you think we should buy one bag of potato chips or two?
Scott: I’m not sure how many people are coming, so let’s play it safe and buy two just in case.
Matt: ポテトチップは1袋か2袋、どっちがいいと思う?
Scott: 何人ぐらい来るかわからないからな。念のため余裕を見て2袋にしとこうか。