Gaba Style 無料で英語学習





Erika: I really want to celebrate Thanksgiving this year!
Chrissy: What? Haha, why? You’re not even American.
Erika: I know, but who doesn’t love a holiday dedicated to eating as much as possible? Just the thought of it makes my mouth water.
Chrissy: Haha, Thanksgiving isn’t just about food, you know. It’s about being grateful for the things we have and the people in our life.
Erika: Well, I’m thankful for my best friend who’s going to let me use her huge kitchen to cook up a storm and throw an awesome Thanksgiving party…
Chrissy: You want to throw it at my house? But we’ll be slaving away in the kitchen forever!
Erika: Don’t worry. We’ll do it potluck style and tell everyone to bring a side dish or a dessert. Then we’ll only have to worry about the turkey. Please, Chrissy?
Chrissy: All right, all right. We’ll throw a Thanksgiving party. But I’m not cooking the turkey.
Erika: Why not?
Chrissy: Because the last time I tried to bake something, it burnt to a crisp!


“make (one’s) mouth water” 食欲をそそる


Stefanie: Dinner will be ready soon, honey.
Eric: Wow, I can’t wait. Just the smell of it is making my mouth water.
Stefanie: 夕飯はもうすぐできるわ、あなた。
Eric: うわ、待ちきれないよ。においだけでよだれが出てきた。
“~(動詞) up a storm” 精一杯~する

ある事柄を多大な労力を費やして、熱心に行うことを意味します。例えば、“cook up a storm”と言えば、たくさんの料理を準備することになります。

Jessica: How was the party last night?
Kei: It was great! We danced up a storm.
Jessica: 昨日のパーティどうだった?
Kei: すごくよかった!たっぷり踊れたわ。
“slave away” せっせと働く


Simone: The birthday cake looked amazing! You must have slaved away for hours making it.
Amy: Don’t tell anyone, but actually I bought it at a bakery.
Simone: このバースデーケーキすごいわね。何時間もかかりっきりで頑張ったんでしょ。
Amy: 誰にも言わないでね。実はケーキ屋で買ったのよ。
“burnt to a crisp” 焼きすぎて焦げてしまう


Matt: Wow, you got really tan on your trip!
Danielle: Yeah, but I forgot to put sunblock on my back and now it’s burnt to a crisp!
Matt: うわ、すげー焼けてる。
Danielle: うん。でも背中に日焼け止め塗るの忘れちゃって、今ひどいことになってるのよ。