Gaba Style 無料で英語学習





Haley: Martin, can you help me with this thing? I can’t make heads or tails of it.
Martin: An e-reader?
Haley: Yeah, my sister got me one for Christmas. It’s perfect because my New Year’s resolution is to read more, but I’m kind of technologically challenged. Could you show me how to download a book?
Martin: Sure, it’s as easy as pie. Just go into the “Book Store”…
Haley: Where’s that?
Martin: See this menu here? Select “Book Store” and look for the book you want. Type the name into the search bar.
Haley: How do I type? This thing doesn’t have a keyboard.
Martin: Just click on the search bar. Then a keyboard will pop up on the touch screen.
Haley: Okay…
Martin: When you find the book you want, hit “Purchase” and it will download to your e-reader right away.
Haley: Oh, it worked! It’s downloading. Thanks! Sorry to bombard you with questions.
Martin: No problem.
Haley: So, what’s your New Year’s resolution, Martin?
Martin: Hmm… to start charging for my services.


“can’t/couldn’t make heads or tails of (something)” ~がさっぱり分からない


Paul: Hey, can you look at the map and tell me the next road I’m supposed to turn on?
Vince: I would, but I can’t make heads or tails of this thing!
Paul: ねえ、ちょっとこの地図見て、どこの道で曲がったらいいか教えてよ。
Vince: 教えてあげたいんだけど、地図とかそういうのさっぱり見方がわからないんだよね。
“technologically challenged” 電子機器などが苦手


Jocelyn: How embarrassing! My mom just started following my Twitter account.
Madison: I’m glad my mom is too technologically challenged to even use a smartphone.
Jocelyn: ウザーい!お母さんが私のTwitterアカウントをフォローし始めたんだけど。
Madison: うちのお母さんは機械とかぜんぜんだめだから、スマホすら使えないの。よかったぁ。
“(as) easy as pie” 朝飯前


Ava: See, and then you just flick your wrist and cast off like this.
Jeffrey: I don’t know how, but you make it look as easy as pie.
Ava: ほら、そしたらこんな感じで手首使って投げるのよ。
Jeffrey: よくわからないな。でも君はいとも簡単そうにやってるね。
“bombard (someone) with questions” 質問攻めにする


Anna: So how did it go? Where did you take her? Did you guys hold hands? Did you give her a goodnight kiss?
Bobby: Will you at least let me sit down before you bombard me with questions?
Anna: どうだった?どこ連れてったの?手はつないだ?おやすみのキスはしたの?
Bobby: 質問攻めにする前に、とりあえず座らせてくれない?