Gaba Style 無料で英語学習





Doctor: So, you haven’t been feeling well?
Frank: Yes, I’ve been feeling below par for the last couple of days.
Doctor: Do you have a fever?
Frank: I don’t, but I feel light-headed all the time.
Doctor: I see. Have you been out in the sun a lot?
Frank: Ah, yes. I went to the beach over the weekend.
Doctor: It sounds like you might be suffering from heat exhaustion.
Frank: Oh, OK. I’m relieved it’s just that.
Doctor: You shouldn’t make light of it. It can be very dangerous and lead to a heat stroke, if you’re not careful.
Frank: I’ve got another trip to the beach coming up this weekend that I can’t cancel…
Doctor: I see. I strongly advise you to at least err on the side of caution. Stay out of the sun as much as you can, make sure you wear a hat, and drink a lot of water.
Frank: Thank you, Doctor. I’ll be careful.


“feel under/below par” 体調がよくない


Courtney: Hey, how have you been? I feel like I haven’t seen you in ages.
Jared: Yeah, I’ve been feeling a bit below par.
Courtney: あら、どこ行ってたの?ずいぶん長いこと見かけなかったような気がするけど。
Jared: うん、ずっと体調が悪かったんだ。
“feel light-headed” めまいがする


Mia: Can we take a break for a minute? I’m feeling light-headed.
Emma: Sure, it’s really hot today. Sit down and have some water.
Mia: ちょっと休憩にしない?めまいがしてきたわ。
Emma: いいわよ。今日はすごく暑いからね。ちょっと座って水分を取りましょう。
“make light of (something)” ~を軽く考える


Shane: I really don’t feel like studying anymore. I’m sure I’ll be fine tomorrow.
Antonio: You shouldn’t make light of it, Shane. I heard this professor’s exams are really tough, and you need to pass this class to graduate.
Shane: もうこれ以上勉強する気になれないな。きっと大丈夫さ、明日は。
Antonio: あんまり軽く考えないほうがいいぞ、Shane。この教授の試験は結構難しいらしいから。お前、この授業落としたら卒業できないんだろ。
“err on the side of caution” 十分に気をつける


Ellie: I’m sure five bags of potato chips will be enough.
Nina: I don’t know… I’d rather err on the side of caution and get more.
Ellie: ポテトチップ5袋あれば、きっと十分だと思うわ。
Nina: どうかしら…。 念のためもうちょっと用意しようかしら。