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From Zoe(横浜ラーニングスタジオ所属):自己紹介

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What’s up guys! It’s Zoe. I’m from Singapore and I’ve been in Japan since December 2016.

Back in Singapore, I had multiple jobs. I worked as a dancer in an internationally famous amusement park! Can you guess where? I was also a vocalist in a band that performed for weddings and events, produced dance videos for my dance friends, and also worked part-time in a menswear apparel shop a friend of mine owns. I couldn’t find one thing to stick to!


Now I teach English at Gaba. However, I’m still interested in many things, so in my free time I camp, hike, snowboard, bake, make music, dance, and many more! I sound like I’m really active but I’m actually a house rat. Have you heard that phrase before? My friends in Singapore and I use it all the time! It means I love staying at home. I’m also excellent at entertaining myself! I stock up on groceries and then hide away at home for 4 to 5 days straight. I then shock myself with human interaction whenever I come out of my “cave”.

Japan is so much fun with lots of activities and places for me to explore and learn about myself. That’s one of the main reasons I decided to move here. As much as Singapore is my home, I craved adventure and mental stimulation. My friends would joke about me moving to Japan when I was younger, but hah! It’s not a joke anymore!

When I first got here, it was challenging as I had to figure out how to set up my new life here in Japan. Not many people know this, but when I moved to Japan, I had no job yet! But I was so eager to move here with my best friend, I just went for it. I got lucky!

Wanna know more about my relocating experience? Stay tuned for the next post on how I manage to stay in Japan!