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From Zoe(横浜ラーニングスタジオ所属):日本への移住

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Relocating to Japan【日本への移住】

It’s Zoe here again! As promised, I’m gonna share my relocating experience to Japan!

Before Japan, I had only done a four month internship in Los Angeles. That gave me a taste of having a life outside of Singapore, and the freedom of not living with my parents. I do love my parents a lot though!

I had a month-long vacation in Japan with my best friend a year prior to moving here, and that trip helped my best friend and I decide that we wanted to move. After returning to Singapore, we started working really hard to save up money for the move. I told my parents about my decision and they were very supportive of it. We started doing research and planned what we needed to do. We looked for jobs and had online interviews with companies in Japan. My best friend secured a job while I was still looking. With the moving date getting closer, I decided I would move with her and come to Japan first and continue looking for a job. Being physically here would give me a higher chance of getting a job. This is the first photo I took on the NEX train after landing!


It was risky and stressful but I managed to get an English teaching job after two and a half months of job-hunting. Phew! My life in Japan really started after that! I got to meet new people from all over the world, and I learned more about Japan from my clients at work while I set up my new life in Tokyo. Language was a big challenge for me but I managed to set everything up! It was a big feat for me and I was really proud of myself. My best friend and I spent all our free time together exploring the city and picking up new hobbies. Japan is magical and we love our new lives!

Keep an eye out for my next post to see why!