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From Zoe(横浜ラーニングスタジオ所属):日本での生活

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Life in Japan【日本での生活】

Zoe here to share my life in Japan!

As I mentioned in my previous post, Japan holds a certain magic for me. It was the only country I visited that I never wanted to leave. So when I finally got a job and had everything set up for my new life in Japan, I started focusing on the places I wanted to visit and activities I wanted to try.


I loved the fact that there are four seasons in Japan. Singapore only has summer and the weather almost never changes. One of the first things I wanted to do was to learn one winter sport. Snowboarding looked really cool to me and after a year of settling down in Japan, I started learning snowboarding. It was FANTASTIC! I loved every bit of it. Now, every winter I take monthly trips to ski resorts to snowboard, and spring is the time for me to go on picnics under cherry blossom trees with my friends!


After about a year living in Tokyo near Shinjuku, I decided to move to Yokohama. It was time to try out a different city! I still liked Tokyo and wanted to be close to it so I could visit it easily. Yokohama is a breath of fresh air! It’s a port city with lovely skies. I made new friends who introduced me to hiking and camping. Spring, summer and autumn has now become my camping and hiking time. Going to the mountains, half-killing myself trying to reach different peaks in Japan, and enjoying nature is now something I can’t live without. Even though I grew up as a city girl, Japan has absolutely turned me into a nature woman. In Tokyo, I enjoy the night life and the city, but in Yokohama, I’m all about the nature.

The magic Japan holds never wanes!