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From Taylor(阪急梅田ラーニングスタジオ所属):日本での生活

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Life in Japan【日本での生活】

Hello everyone! This is Taylor Foxworth from Hankyu Umeda Learning Studio again! Today I have another great opportunity to share more of my life experience with you. Today, I want to talk about my experience living here in Japan. I’ve been lucky to find many things in Japan that were lacking in my life back in Florida. Many clients tell me that there must be more to do in America because our country is so big. However, while Japan is a smaller country I have found it to be packed with more unique and wonderful experiences than I could have imagined.

In America, I sometimes didn’t know what to do with my days off because it usually meant having to drive very far. So, in America I would have characterized myself as an indoor person. Living in Japan however, I hardly spend any time at home. Instead, I use the train to visit small, unique villages or secluded mountains and valleys to escape my busy, hectic life in the big city. In America, we have trains that commute to major cities, but there aren’t many options to reach the countryside.

This availability of transportation is what has made Japan such an enjoyable place to live, because I’ve been able to see the high peaks of the Japanese Alps, to small fishing towns famous for their unique mascots. Best of all, these experiences only require me to walk to my local train station. If I have the chance, I’d love to travel as far as Hokkaido by train just so I have the chance to look out the window and see more sights.

Thank you for taking the time to read about my adventures and experiences in Japan so far. I hope I can have the chance to hear about some of your favorite travel experiences or favorite things about living in Japan!