Gaba Style 無料で英語学習





Matt: Hey Bob, what’s wrong? You don’t look too happy.
Bob: I’m not… I feel terrible.
Matt: What happened, did you tie one on last night?
Bob: No, nothing like that, I think I just did something really stupid.
Matt: What are you talking about?
Bob: I was sending an email to my coworker, Tom… it was a personal note about my manager Frank.
Matt: Yeah, so?
Bob: I think I Cc’d Frank in.
Matt: You’re kidding! How “personal” was it?
Bob: It was pretty mean. I said he wasn’t a very good manager and… well, it was very critical.
Matt: Ouch. You should’ve known better.
Bob: I know, I really wish I hadn’t done that.
Matt: Well, maybe Frank won’t notice it.
Bob: Are you kidding? He checks his email like every five minutes! He’s probably reading it right now!


“tie one on” 飲みすぎる


Ronald: How are you feeling today? You really tied one on last night!
Nicole: I’m a little hung over, but I’ll be fine after a cup of coffee.
Ronald: 今日の気分はどうだい?昨日は随分と酔っていたよね!
Nicole: ちょっと二日酔いだけど、コーヒーを何杯か飲んだら大丈夫よ。
“personal note” 個人的なメモ


例)John はAbbyが受け取った手紙の内容が気になるようでうす。
John: What does Buford have to say?
Abby: None of your business, it’s a personal note.
John: Bufordは何て?
Abby: あなたに関係ないでしょ、個人的なものなんだから。
“Cc (someone) in” CCに入れる

メールのCCに入れることを表わします。またCCは“carbon copy”の略語です。

Kayla: Why weren’t you at my party last night? I know I Cc’d you in when I sent the invitation.
Kevin: Sorry, I haven’t checked my email in days.
Kayla: なんで私のパーティに来なかったの?招待状を送った時にCcに入れたのよ。
Kevin: ゴメン、しばらくメールをチェックしていなかったんだ。
“should’ve known better” 気をつけた方が良いよ


Denise: You should’ve known better than to pet a stray dog.
Ben: Well, I didn’t think he would bite me!
Denise: 野良犬をペットにするは気をつけた方がいいよ。
Ben: まあ、彼が噛むとは思っていなかったんだ。