Gaba Style 無料で英語学習





Hector: Hey Roger, Karen’s making dinner at my place Saturday night. Would you like to come over?
Roger: No thanks, I wouldn’t want to be a third wheel.
Hector: Third wheel? No it’s not like that, actually Karen’s sister is going to be there, I was hoping to introduce you.
Roger: Oh no, then definitely not!
Hector: Why not? I think you’d get along great. Besides, it’s just dinner.
Roger: You know how I am around people I don’t know. I hate social situations like that. People try to talk to me, but I just clam up.
Hector: You shouldn’t worry about it so much. It’s no big deal. Besides, it would do you good to meet more people.
Roger: I meet people all the time.
Hector: Meeting people in chat rooms online does not count! Why don’t you come over Saturday?
Roger: OK, let me think about it.


“a third wheel” 邪魔な人、余計な人


例)Jude は彼氏と別れてしまったようですが、その理由は?
Janice: So what’s wrong with him? I thought he was a great guy.
Jude: He is. But he just always invites that third wheel Emil along every time we go out.
Janice: それで彼はどうしちゃったのよ?すごく良い人だと思ったのに。
Jude: 良い人なんだけど、私たちが出掛ける時はいつも邪魔者のEmilを連れてきちゃうのよ。
“get along” 仲良くする、うまくいく


Mike: Why don’t you go to the neighbor’s house and play with the kid over there?
Linus: We don’t get along. I’d rather stay here.
Mike: 近所の家に行って、そこで子ども達と遊ばないか?
Linus: 仲良くできないから家にいた方がいいよ。
“clam up ” 黙り込む


Carrie: Why didn’t you answer Dr. Ruby’s question this afternoon? You must’ve known the answer, I saw your homework.
Jody: I can’t help it, every time he calls on me I clam up. I’m too nervous speaking in public.
Carrie: なぜ午後の授業でRuby先生の質問に答えなかったの?答えを知っていたはずでしょ、ノートを見たのよ。
Jody: しょうがないのよ、先生に指されると毎回黙り込んじゃうのよ。みんなの前で話すと緊張しちゃうの。
“it would do you good to (do something)” (何かをすると)有益になる


Mother: I was thinking about volunteering at the library once or twice a week.
Marcel: You should. It would do you good to have something to do.
Mother: 週に1~2回くらいはボランティアをしようと考えているの。
Marcel: やるべきよ。それはママのためにもなることよ。