Gaba Style 無料で英語学習





Imogen: Let’s try this diet together. It’s all the rage in Hollywood at the moment.
Elisabeth: Not another fad diet! Those never work.
Imogen: This one is different. You just eat seaweed soup for breakfast everyday and drink a special shake for dinner.
Elisabeth: That sounds fishy to me. I bet you can only get the soup and shake by ordering online.
Imogen: That’s right! There’s a special deal on now too! You can get a month’s supply for $349.
Elisabeth: What a rip off! I’m sure the soup is just ordinary instant soup you can buy for less than a dollar at the supermarket.
Imogen: No, it’s got some kind of special ingredient that dissolves all the fat you eat.
Elisabeth: I’m sure they’ve just given the scientific name of some ordinary seaweed you’d find in the shops. I’d put money on it.
Imogen: Believe me or don’t believe me, I’m going to try it.
Elisabeth: OK but just remember the last time you tried something like this. You got three months worth of meal replacement bars and they’re still in you cupboard.
Imogen: Yeah, but they were really awful. At least this one has a bit more variety.
Elisabeth: Alright, alright… Anyway, have you decided where you want to go for lunch?
Imogen: Let’s get pizza! I could really go for a double pepperoni right now.


“all the rage” 大流行している


例)ショッピング中のMichelle とKylie は、流行の柄について話をしています。
Michelle: Everything has polka dots on it. Are they coming back?
Kylie: Yeah! They’re all the rage this season.
Michelle: みんな水玉模様ね。また流行りだしたの?
Kylie: そうよ!今シーズンの大流行よ。
“sounds/seems fishy” 疑わしい


Cory: I can’t believe how cheap this is!
Luke: I don’t know. It sounds a bit fishy to me. There’s no proof it’s authentic and I’ve never heard of this website before.
Cory: こんなに安いの信じられない。
Luke: どうかな。ちょっと怪しいな。本物だっていう証拠もないし、こんなサイト聞いたこともないよ。
“rip off” 不当に高い


Caroline: Did you see the price on this bag? $900!
Helen: What a rip off! It’s nice but that’s way too much.
Caroline: このバッグの値段見た?900ドルよ!
Helen: ぼったくりだわ。いいバッグだけど、それは高すぎるわ。
“put money on it” 賭けてもいい


George: Do you think it will rain? It looks quite cloudy.
Jude: I’d put money on it. You better take your umbrella.
George: 雨降るかな?かなり曇ってるんだけど。
Jude: 絶対降るわね。傘を持っていった方がいいわ。