Gaba Style 無料で英語学習





Carlos: I know losing that job has been hard on you…
Gwyneth: It’s definitely not easy finding a new job in this economy.
Carlos: But I think it’s been a blessing in disguise for us as a family.
Gwyneth: That’s true. I mean, it’s given me a chance to spend more time with the kids.
Carlos: Not only that but you couldn’t stand working for that company.
Gwyneth: It might be an opportunity for me to follow my dream of teaching kindergarten.
Carlos: You see? There’s a silver lining right there.
Gwyneth: I might as well look into some teacher training courses right away.
Carlos: I think you’ll make a wonderful teacher. You’re so good with kids.
Gwyneth: Thanks honey. I guess I just needed a little push.
Carlos: And you don’t need to worry about money at the moment. We have a nice little nest egg tucked away for times like these.
Gwyneth: You’re right! Between our savings and my severance package, we have enough to tide us over until I’m ready to start teaching.


“blessing in disguise” 一見不幸でも結局は幸福となるもの


Troy: My accident turned out to be a real blessing in disguise.
Cassie: Yeah, if you hadn’t come into the hospital, we never would have met.
Troy: 僕の事故は、まさに「災い転じて福となす」だったね。
Cassie: そうね。もし、あなたが病院に来なかったら、私たち決して出会わなかったでしょううね。
“may/might as well” ~したほうがいい


例)MarthaとBeth は、レストランでワインを追加注文しようとしています。
Martha: I think I’ll get a large glass of Pinot Grigio.
Beth: I was thinking the same thing. We might as well just get a bottle as it’ll work out cheaper.
Martha: 大きいグラスの白ワインを頼もうかな。
Beth: 私もそう思ってた。ボトルで頼んだ方がよさそうね。その方が安く済むわ。
“nest egg” 預貯金


例)定年を迎えたRickは、妻のJed と退職後の住居について話しています。
Jed: Do you think you’re going to keep your apartment in the city once you’ve retired?
Rick: Actually, I’ve got a nice little nest egg tucked away so I’m planning on buying a nice house on the beach.
Jed: 仕事やめても、都心のマンションに住み続けるつもり?
Rick: 実はちょっとした蓄えあるんで、海の近くにでも家買おうかなって思ってるんだ。
“tide ~ over” やりくりする、しのぐ


例)Celine は友人のBranwen のところに来ています。Branwen は手術を受けた後、自宅で療養しています。
Branwen: Thanks for stocking up my fridge and bring all those DVDs for me to watch.
Celine: It’s nothing really. Hopefully it will be enough to tide you over until you’re back on your feet.
Branwen: 食料品とか買ってきてくれてありがとう。それにDVDも。
Celine: たいしたことじゃないわ。うまくいけば、これであなたが元気になるまで十分もつわ。