Gaba Style 無料で英語学習





Nate: All these parties and dinners are starting to take a toll on my waistline.
Chris: I know what you mean. All I’ve been doing this month is eat and drink.
Nate: Come Sunday, I’ll be hitting the gym again.
Chris: You know the company gym is actually closed on Sundays, right?
Nate: Oh, yeah. I guess I’ll go next week then!
Chris: I think I need to get fit too but gyms in January are always so crowded.
Nate: That’s true, it’s probably the worst time to join.
Chris: Here’s a thought, why don’t we just go tomorrow and see how it goes?
Nate: In that case, you might want to stop drinking.
Chris: Well, they say working up a sweat is a great hangover cure!


“take a toll on something/someone” ~に悪影響を及ぼす


例)日曜の朝、Wendy とAmandaがコーヒーを飲んでいます。
Amanda: I really need to stop going out every Saturday. It’s so expensive and I’m always hungover the next day.
Wendy: I know what you mean. It’s really starting to take a toll on my health… and my wallet!
Amanda: 土曜日のたびに遊びに出かけるの、本当にやめないと。お金もかかるし、いつも翌日二日酔いだもん。
Wendy: わかるわ。体調にも影響が出てきたし、それにお財布にもよくないわ。
“hit the gym / hit the (place)” ~に行く


James: Do you still want to go to the cinema tonight?
Nacressa: Sure but I still need to buy a present for my sister. Let’s hit the shops first.
James: やっぱり映画行きたいの、今日の夜?
Nacressa: うん、でも妹にプレゼント買わないと。まずは買い物に行きましょう。
“get into shape” 体形や体調を整える


Lucy: Only three months to go! You must be getting really excited!
Georgina: I am but that’s only three months left for me to get into shape for my dress.
Lucy: いよいよあと3ヵ月後ね。すごくわくわくしてるんでしょ、きっと。
Georgina: うん、でもその3ヵ月後でウエディングドレスが着れる体にならなきゃいけないのよ。
“here’s a thought” いい考えがある


Harry: Our competitors keep using celebrities in their campaigns. How can we compete with that?
Mark: Here’s a thought, why don’t we use animated characters?
Harry: 競合はずっと有名人使ってるよね。どうやって対抗しようか、うちは?
Mark: いい考えがある。アニメのキャラクター使ったらどうかな?