Gaba Style 無料で英語学習





Conny: You’re eating burgers again? I thought you said you were going to eat better.
Benedict: Honey, if you think I’m going to give up burgers, you’re barking up the wrong tree.
Conny: But being overweight increases the risk for so many diseases.
Benedict: Hey, I might have gained a few pounds, but I’m a far cry from being obese.
Conny: Well, I read an article that said people should avoid fat as much as possible.
Benedict: I think you should take it with a grain of salt. Not everything you read on the internet is true.
Conny: Maybe not, but it’s definitely not healthy to eat burgers five days a week.
Benedict: Stop exaggerating. I don’t eat burgers five days a week.
Conny: But you haven’t given them up! So let me get this straight – you’d rather be unhealthy than stop eating burgers.
Benedict: Healthy or not, they’re delicious!


“bark up the wrong tree” 大きな見当違いをする


Hope: That was my yogurt in the fridge! I can’t believe you ate it.
Hayden: You’re barking up the wrong tree! I don’t even like yogurt!
Hope: 冷蔵庫の中のヨーグルト、あれはあたしのよ。食べちゃうなんて信じられないわ。
Hayden: 完全に誤解だよ。ヨーグルトなんて好きでもないし!
“far cry from~” ~と全く違っている


Patricia: I think I’m going to quit my job and start my own hair salon.
Sandra: Are you sure? Cutting your friends hair once in a while is a far cry from being a hair stylist. You should think it over again.
Patricia: 仕事辞めて自分の美容室を出そうと思ってるの。
Sandra: 本気?時々友だちの髪を切るのと美容師やるのとはまるで違うことなのよ。もう一度よく考えてみてほうがいいわ。
“take (something) with a (grain/pinch) of salt” 真に受けない


Amelia: He spent all the charity money on a private trip to the Maldives! Can you believe it?
Candice: You should take that article with a pinch of salt. That magazine is clearly a tabloid.
Amelia: あの人チャリティーで集まったお金全部、個人的なモルジブ旅行に使っちゃったんだって。信じられる?
Candice: 話半分に取っておいたほうがいいわ。あの雑誌って、ゴシップ専門なの明らかじゃない。
“get (something) straight” ~を明確に理解する


Logan: So let’s get this straight. You’re spending your entire bonus on a pair of shoes?
Veronica: Yes, I am. You just don’t understand because you know nothing about fashion.
Logan: ちょっと、状況を整理しよう。君は一足の靴にボーナス全額を使おうとしてるんだよね?
Veronica: そうよ。あなたが理解できないのは、ファッションのこと何にも知らないからよ。