Gaba Style 無料で英語学習





Lily: Finally, the first snow! I’ve been waiting for this all season.
Jordan: With this cold snap we’ve been having, it was bound to happen soon.
Lily: Hey, will you stop shoveling snow and help me build this snowman? You’re such a stick in the mud.
Jordan: Take a chill pill, will you? I’m almost done clearing the driveway.
Lily: All right then. When you’re done, can you run inside and grab me a carrot? He won’t be a proper snowman without a nose.
Jordan: All right. Do you have a top hat for him as well?
Lily: No, I forgot one! Do we even have any top hats in the house?
Jordan: Yeah, I think Dad’s got one from an old Halloween costume stashed away somewhere in the attic. I’ll get it for you when I’m finished.
Lily: OK, thanks!


“cold snap / cold spell” 突然の寒波


Joshua: Did you hear about the cold snap coming next week? They say it’s going to be the worst we’ve had in ten years.
Katie: I better stock up on groceries this week then. When it gets really cold, I never want to leave the house!
Joshua: 来週寒波が来るって聞いた?この10年で一番の寒さらしいよ。
Katie: じゃあ、今週食料買い込んでおいたほうがいいわね。すごく寒くなったら、外に出たくないから。
“a stick in the mud” 保守的で退屈な人


Craig: Thanks, but I think I’ll just enjoy a quiet night at home.
Heather: Don’t be such a stick in the mud, Craig. Come join us!
Craig: ありがとう、でも家で静かな夜を楽しみたいから。
Heather: そんな退屈な人になっちゃダメよ、Craig。一緒に行こうよ。
“take a chill pill” 落ち着く


Andrew: I already asked him to turn down the music once. I’m going to go over there again.
Ken: Dude, take a chill pill. It’s not that loud.
Andrew: 音楽の音を小さくするように言ったんだけど、もう一度言いに行く。
Ken: なあ、落ち着けって。そんなにうるさくないって。
“stash away” しまい込む


Christopher: Wow, Mom, I can’t believe you kept all my old comic books. Some of these are collector items now!
Marie: Yeah, I stashed them away in case you ever wanted to read them again.
Christopher: すごい、信じられないよ。母さん、俺の古いマンガ全部取っといてくれたんだね。中にはコレクターの間で価値があるやつもあるんだよ。
Marie: そうよ、あなたがまた読みたくなるといけないから、しまって取っておいたの。