Gaba Style 無料で英語学習





Betty: Autumn’s here at last! The kids are finally back in school.
Ella: Oh, I know what you mean. I thought summer would never end!
Betty: You know, they were so cute and sweet when they were babies. It makes me feel like a bad mother for being happy to have them out of my hair.
Ella: Don’t feel bad. Next year I think I might actually ship the twins off to ballet camp for a week or so. They were such a handful this year.
Betty: At least back-to-school shopping must be a breeze. You can just buy them everything matching.
Ella: You would think that, but my girls are already starting to develop their own separate tastes and interests.
Betty: Oh really?
Ella: Just this morning, they fought tooth and nail not to be dressed in the same outfit. I was almost late dropping them off for the first day of school!
Betty: Wow, and I thought having three boys was tough!


“(be) out of (one’s) hair” …が~(人)を悩ますことがなくなる


Hailey: I did it! I convinced mom to take a weekend trip to the spa. She’ll be gone until tomorrow evening.
Hayden: Thanks. With mom out of our hair, we can finally start planning her surprise party.
Hailey: やった!温泉旅行に行くこと、お母さんに納得させた。これで、明日の晩までお母さんは留守だ。
Hayden: ありがとう。お母さんが出かけてくれて、やっとサプライズパーティーの準備ができるわ。
“ship (someone) off to ~” (人)を~に行かせる


例)JessicaはボーイフレンドのPhilの妹Abby とPhilのことで話をしています。
Jessica: I’m surprised that Phil and your parents aren’t very close.
Abby: Well, to tell you the truth, when I was little they shipped him off to boarding school, and he never forgave them.
Jessica: Philとご両親があまり仲良くないのには驚いたわ。
Abby: 実はうちの親、兄がまだ小さいうちから全寮制の学校に入れちゃって、兄はそのことを今でも許してないんです。
“be a breeze” 朝飯前


Ryan: Hey, how did your test go today? I know you were worried about it.
Isaac: Oh, I probably didn’t need to study so hard. It was a breeze.
Ryan: ねえ、今日のテストどうだった?心配してたじゃん、そのテストのこと。
Isaac: ああ、あれね。あんなに勉強しなくてよかったかも。楽勝だったよ。
“fight tooth and nail” 必死に戦う


Parker: Wow, check out this photo of Grams at a women’s liberation rally. I had no idea she was such a feminist.
Cynthia: Yeah, from what I’ve heard, she fought tooth and nail for a woman’s right to vote.
Parker: うわ、見ておばあちゃんのこの写真。女性解放運動の集会みたいのに出てる。
Cynthia: うん、なんか聞いた話だと、うちのおばあちゃん、女性の選挙権のためにすごく頑張ったらしいわよ。