Gaba Style 無料で英語学習





Sonia: Chilly morning, isn’t it?
Jessica: Yeah. It looks like there’ll be no Indian summer for us this year.
Sonia: That’s all right, I guess. It was way too hot this summer. My electricity bills were through the roof from running the AC all the time.
Jessica: Mine, too. Well I, for one, am glad to see autumn rolling around because I can finally take my pea coat and scarves out of winter storage!
Sonia: Oh gosh, that reminds me. My dog destroyed my favorite scarf!
Jessica: Really, which one?
Sonia: The one you gave me for my birthday last year—the knit one with the cute tassels. I found it in tatters on the floor after she got a hold of it.
Jessica: Aww… I’m sorry! But thank you for saying it was your favorite.
Sonia: If you don’t mind me asking, where did you get it? I’d love to get another one just like it.
Jessica: Oh, didn’t I tell you? I made it myself. Maybe you can expect another one for your birthday this year…haha.


“Indian summer” 小春日和


Liv: I wonder if I should take an umbrella along for this weekend.
Kate: Nah, Dad said they’re having an Indian summer over there, so I’d leave it at home.
Liv: この週末は、傘いるのかしら?
Kate: いらない。向こうはこの時期なのに暖かくて、いいお天気だってお父さんが言ってたから、私は置いていくわ。
“(be/go) through the roof” 非常に高い/高くなる


Cory: Hey, I heard your favorite band is coming to town.
Jason: I wish I could go, but their ticket prices have gone through the roof ever since they became really popular.
Cory: おい、お前が好きなバンドが来るらしいぞ。
Jason: 行きたいところなんだけど、人気が出てきてからチケットの値段がすごく高くなったんだ。
“roll around” 巡って来る


Jen: You never told me you had a cat.
Brad: He’s actually a stray, but whenever dinnertime rolls around, he comes meowing at the backdoor for food. That’s what I get for feeding him once!
Jen: 猫飼ってるなんて聞いてないわよ。
Brad: いや、野良猫だよ。いつも夕食の時間になるとニャーニャーいいながら勝手口にエサをもらいにくるんだよ。一度あげたら、そうなっちゃったんだ。
“in tatters” ズタズタになって


例)Angelaは娘のEliza と二人の息子たちについて話しています。
Eliza: Do you think Peter will come to Nathan’s birthday party?
Angela: I’m not sure. You know, their relationship has been in tatters ever since Nathan started dating Peter’s ex-girlfriend.
Eliza: PeterはNathanのバースデーパーティに来るかしら。
Angela: どうかしら。ほら、NathanがPeterの元カノと付き合いだしてから、二人の関係は修復できないぐらいひどいことになってるし。