Gaba Style 無料で英語学習





Alicia: I saw a bunch of people throwing beans at the shrine today. From the looks of it, it seemed like there was a big wedding going on or something.
Toshi: Oh, that’s not a wedding. It’s Setsubun, a Japanese holiday. We throw beans for good luck.
Alicia: Oh yeah? I guess I was completely off the mark then.
Toshi: Basically, someone dresses up like a demon and we throw beans at them to get rid of bad luck and welcome in the spring.
Alicia: Oh, that’s kind of like how we say “out with the old, in with the new” to celebrate the New Year by getting rid of our old things?
Toshi: Yeah, exactly! We also make a wish and eat a whole sushi roll in one go, so our wish can come true.
Alicia: Really! Can we try that? Any tradition involving food sounds good to me!


“(from/by) the looks of it” 見た感じから推測すると


Austin: I wonder what’s going on with Lyla and Eric. They’ve been acting kind of funny lately.
Grace: Well, from the looks of it, I’d say that they’re going out now.
Austin: LylaとEricってどうしたのかな。なんか最近様子がおかしいんだけど。
Grace: 見たところ、付き合い始めた感じがするわ、あの二人。
“off the mark” 的外れである


Sophia: I know I look young, but actually I’m 35.
James: Really, I was completely off the mark! I thought you were at least ten years younger.
Sophia: 若く見られるんだけど、実際は35歳よ。
James: ほんとに?完全に見当違いしてたよ。少なくともそれより10歳は若いと思ってた。
“Out with the old, (and) in with the new” 古きを捨て、新しきを得る


Dana: What are we going to do about our furniture? We have two beds, two sofas, two refrigerators…
Chris: Let’s just get rid of everything and buy new things for our home together. Out with the old, and in with the new!
Dana: どうする私たちの家具?ベッドもソファーも冷蔵庫も2つずつあるわ。
Chris: 全部処分して一緒に新しいのを買おうよ。古きを捨て、新しきを得るってやつさ!
“in one go” 一気に


Evan: How did you like the new book?
Ada: Oh, it was so good that I read it all in one go without stopping.
Evan: 新しい本、おもしろかった?
Ada: すごくおもしろかったから一気に読んじゃったわ。